Digital Construction at BRC

For over one hundred years BRC have been an industry leader in the field of concrete reinforcement, so when the UK Government announced the intention to implement BIM on all major projects, BRC began expanding existing procedures and techniques to ensure we continued to provide the highest levels of service in the field of digital construction.

To comply with the requirements of an information model  we use Tekla software, which allows us to develop 3D models of concrete structures and rebar solutions, perform clash avoidance checks and extract digital data for rebar production, as well as provide model export in the form of an IFC file, the international standard used on BIM projects.

We continuously train our staff, and ensure we have a sufficient number of BIM accredited professionals within the company at all times.

Our IT systems are accredited with the latest certifications, ensuring security of your data and safe interaction with your project CDE (common data environment).

Early Involvement: As we have always stressed at BRC, to get the maximum benefit from the many years of experience within the company it is crucial to involve us as early as possible. We are able to advise on buildability issues, transport constraints and best practice for detailing rebar. We also offer FEA (finite element analysis) as an additional service, a review of structural designs which can economise on the amount of rebar in a structure, potentially a large cost saving for clients if we are involved at an early enough date.

Rebar Detailing Service: Our 3D rebar detailing service, including comprehensive clash avoidance software, ensures that potential issues caused by clashes of rebar or cast-in items will not cause delays. The model can be exported as an IFC file and inserted into the federated BIM model for clash detection with other disciplines. The digital data extracted direct from our rebar models can be inserted directly into Arma+ (our rebar fabrication control software) for rebar production, eliminating any errors that may arise from manual input.

We can detail to suit the pour sequence on a project, as well as design and detail prefabricated items (column/beam cages, carpet reinforcement), as well as design special mesh products – all to increase productivity and save on costs over the duration of a project.

Smart Construction: BRC are at the forefront of this developing methodology, able to supply prefabricated elements for all stages of structural off-site construction,

BIM Advisory Service: For clients starting on their Level 2 BIM journey, or for those unsure if they are going in the right direction, BRC offers an advisory service, where a certified BIM professional can give a short presentation to assist you on your way. As the BIM procedure is continually expanding it is important to keep abreast of developments in this area.

Call us now, early involvement is your path to a successful, cost efficient project using the latest technologies backed by the oldest, largest and most experienced reinforcement company in the United Kingdom.