True Cost of reinforcement :

At BRC, we do our upmost to help lower our customers overall project costs and deliver on time.

A successful project for you, is a successful project for us.

Through a series of onsite time and motion studies we can identify the real costs associated with reinforcement.

These studies aim to highlight areas where waste activities are occurring.

We then look to adapt our service to provide bespoke solutions to these needs.

The study works through mapping various activities related directly with steel fixing and offloading.

The type of work and time taken to perform is then categorized into the sections below:

  • Indirect work
  • Internal Logistics
  • Planning
  • Re-Work
  • Un-used time
  • Interruptions and waiting

For more information on the True Cost of Reinforcement, please contact our tue costs projects co-ordinator on:


Tel: 01623 555111