customer satisfaction

BRC is all about Targeting Perfect Service.

We at BRC appreciate customer priorities are changing and expectations continue to grow.  It may be difficult predicting the future but one thing is certain - customer service is going to be increasingly important to business success and sustainability in an ever more competitive environment.

That is why our organisation is constantly focused on delivering excellent service at every part of a customers journey; anticipating  your demands and exceeding your needs.  As a statement of our intent and commitment to deliver perfect service, BRC joined the Institute of Customer Service, a professional body that sets standards of excellence across a wide sphere of organisations.  Our fellow members are like minded companies and operations, many household names and leading brands who aim to be best in business when it comes to customer satisfaction in their particular market sector.

Value is key, however we understand that today, more than ever, customer satisfaction is not just about providing a quality product and service in a timely manner at the right price.  It is also about demonstrating a sense of passion and purpose to deliver excellence.  It is listening to you, our customer, and being responsive to your needs, and to be your partners in finding  solutions.  It is striving to always be professional, reliable,  honest  and friendly, and  seeking to always exceed your expectations.  

Our people are up to this challenge and take pride in their ability to meet the needs of your business from the smallest assignments to the most prestigious projects.  

Our aim is simple, to set the standards that make us your first choice of supplier when it comes to reinforcement provision and construction products.

Our strong focus on customer commitment is backed by our Customer Service Charter.