Health and Safety

At BRC we are committed to achieving to ultimate goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS.


This is an easy statement to make but not so easy to do.  We believe that this ultimate goal can be achieved through the adoption of three guiding principles;


  • That all accidents and occupational illness can and must be prevented.
  • That health & safety performance is a pre-eminent management responsibility, and management must provide firm leadership in this area, so as to generate a positive safety culture.
  • That everyone who works for the company, or does work on its behalf has a personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their work colleagues.

To support the overall aim of ZERO ACCIDENTS the company has implemented a safety management system that complies with the requirements of OHSAS 18001, to ensure that health and safety responsibilities are addressed in a systematic manner. 


We at BRC are under no illusions in that the realisation of this goal will require an enormous amount of hard work by all of us, it will mean a culture shock for some and a complete change of values for others, and it is a journey that will require dedication, attention to detail, clear leadership at all levels and teamwork.         


This journey is something that we at BRC must all take part in and it will be a journey that in the end we can all justifiably be proud of the part we played, because we will be able to say that we made our workplace a safer place to be.