The Minifix Wheel Spacer is the most extensively used circular spacer for precast and on site concrete applications with worldwide sales exceeding any other plastic space.

These items are generally available next day delivery, if ordered before 12pm.

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Minifix Wheel Spacer( Availability: In stock )

Item Price Pack Size Qty.
100mm Minifix Wheel 12-32 bar
KE05103M1001232 POA 75/bag
10mm Minifix Wheel 4-8 bar
KE05103M100408 POA 1000/bag
12mm Minifix Wheel 4-8 bar
20mm Minifix Wheel 10-14 bar
KE05103M201014 POA 500/bag
20mm Minifix Wheel 4-18 bar
KE05103M200418 POA 1000/bag
25mm Minifix Wheel 10-14 bar
KE05103M251014 POA 500/bag
25mm Minifix Wheel 12-20 bar
KE05103M251220 POA 1000/bag
30mm Minifix Wheel 4-8 bar
KE05103M300408 POA 500/bag
35mm Minifix Wheel 10-20 bar
KE05103M351020 POA 250/bag
35mm Minifix Wheel 5-10 bar
40mm Minifix Wheel 20-30 bar
KE05103M402030 POA 250/bag
5mm Minifix Wheel 4-6 bar
KE05103M050406 POA 5000/bag
60mm Minifix Wheel 12-28 bar
75mm Minifix Wheel 4-18 bar
KE05103M750418 POA 100/bag

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